What is Jelly Yo?

Yo! So, you're looking for kick-ass SEO advice and guidance that isn't boring or too technical?

Jelly Yo, based in Northamptonshire, was made to help people that rock businesses either on their own, or as part of small teams.

Quite simply, Jelly Yo helps kick-ass businesses to be SEO superstars.

Read on for free online tips and tricks for those that want to do it themselves, or contact us about the packages available for those that want a helping hand.

In order to help you grow your business, here are the services I can offer:
Content writing
Writing creative and product/service copy that drives visits, inspires confidence and converts into leads and sales.
Technical SEO
Website wizardry and SEO auditing to help uncover areas that need improvement.
Link building
Growing SEO traffic by generating good quality links from great sites driven by a content strategy.

Kick-ass SEO tips

Meet Jelly

Meet the face behind Jelly Yo.
Kelly Edwards
Kelly Edwards

Creator of Jelly Yo

SEO guru, bit of a geek. Loves data and words.

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Northamptonshire, UK