Juicy Backlinks - How they really work

Today, I’m talking about link building and how it really works.

You may already know that in its basic form, the art of link building requires a hyperlink adding that creates a link from one site to another.

Juicy Backlinks - How they really work

But how does that really work? Are all links the same?

People often ask “Why is my Domain Authority not drastically improving when I’m building links?”, here’s your answer:


Not all links are equal.

They’re made up of the anchor text (the words that are used), the destination that the link goes to and the environment that the link sits in.

I’ll explain each individually.

1. Anchor text

The words that are used to link from one site to another matter.

In ye olden days (okay, a couple of years ago), you would ask for BIG money keywords that you want driving your traffic to be linking to your site.

For example, if you were a cake decorator in London, you’d want to be known for ‘cake decorators in London’.

So people would linkbuild on sites and ask for the exact keyword of ‘cake decorators in London’ to link to their site.

The idea was that by people talking about you using those specific keywords – and linking to the page that you want to rank for that keyword, you’re increasing your authority for that keyword and potentially increasing your rankings.

BUT… I would urge you to NOT to do this.

It looks spammy and Google know that people have been paying for these sorts of links. If you want to learn more about why you should stop doing this, see my recent post on link building strategies.

Trust me, you’ll love it.

Of course… it’s totally acceptable for you to link to your own content with the appropriate anchor text on your own site.


2. The destination

The link destination matters.

Of course, you want more of your links to go to the homepage and to be brand matched. But, you also want relevant juicy deep links.

Deep links are those that point to deeper pages on your site that may be more relevant for that keyword. For example, if you had some statistics on cake eating in London and people were talking about it… you’d want people to point to THAT page.


3. The environment

This bit is the interesting part.

The environment where your link sits on somebody’s site matters and impacts the amount of link juice that’s passed to your site.

Instead of link juice, I’m going to talk to you about sweets…

Imagine the webpage that is going to link to you has 50 sweets.

When they link to you, they aren’t generous enough to give you all 50 sweets.


Instead, those 50 sweets that the page owns are shared between all of the web pages that are linked – both internal and external to that website.


One sweet to the homepage.

One sweet to each navigation link.

One sweet to each link that the article links out to.

This means that out of about 50 sweets on a page, your site will only be given one sweet.

The more links per page, the more the sweets have to be shared out. The less links, the more you get.

You get the point right?

This means that collaborative posts that link to everybody under the sun who contributed a post… won’t generate a lot of link juice. Or at least won’t generate the amount you think they might.

Although collaborative posts are part of the fabric of being a blogger, you’re not going to get a lot of link juice passed to you.

Those sweets? They’ll be halved or even quartered before you see a chunk.


That is why even though a high authority site links to you, you won’t necessarily see your authority rise to the same amount.

If you’re looking to get the most link juice passed to you as possible, you want to give people a reason for people to be talking about you and linking to your content alone.

I hope you found this post useful – as ever if you have any questions, follow Jelly Yo on social media and make sure you sign up to our emails to be the first to receive a new post!

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  • The Rhyming Mum

    I haven’t really paid much attention to this on my blog yet. It’s still new and I’m trying not to focus on stats yet. But, working in marketing I know that linkbuilding is something that many businesses are still doing wrong. Many still pay to get their link everywhere with no thought as to what the links are and that this is breaking Google’s rules. This will now be doing more harm than good, which I see as a good thing because it makes it fairer for small businesses who can’t afford to pay to get links. Links should be built naturally from good valuable content that people want to share.

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    Although crowdsourcing posts may lessen the sweetness, I figure the more posts you take part in, the more it would help rather than not joining in right?? #fortheloveofBLOG

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    I really ought to get the hang of the technicalities like this!

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    That’s really interesting about collaborative posts – I had no idea that the number of links on the page could affect how ‘useful’ the think is. #fortheloveofBLOG

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