Jelly Yo provides advice for businesses and the kick-ass people who run them, who are interested in improving their writing, keeping people on their sites longer, growing their following and getting SEO traffic.

That’s a lot to promise right?

Why Jelly Yo was created:

Jelly YoI set up Jelly Yo in July 2017 after being a parent blogger for 2 years by night. By day, I had been working in content marketing for over 4 years.

During that time, I happily wrote my blog and gained a modest following of engaged readers. To be honest? I wasn’t really trying to be a big success as my aim was simply to write to share my story of parenthood.

But then something changed:

After going to a few events and joining groups on Facebook, it became painfully apparent that bloggers a) want to make money from their blogs and b)really struggle with SEO.

That’s fine. After all, most people don’t get into blogging for the love of Content Marketing and SEO (I seem to be alone in that venture…)

I started to drip feed some SEO articles into my blog but it didn’t feel right.

Sure, SEO is my baby at work, but it didn’t fit my parenting blog. So, I hatched a plan. A plan to create a new baby (this time not with the help of my husband) called Jelly Yo.

What is Jelly Yo?

Jelly Yo is a place where business owners and blog wizards can learn about SEO, improve their writing and really make the most of their experience.

Most bloggers jump into the world of blogging to start sharing their story. Sure, some start with the intent of earning money, but those that have been at it for a while will tell you – it’s just not that simple. Money doesn’t grow on trees and simply having a blog is not enough for brands to be forming an orderly queue. If only that were true right?

No. Instead, it has to be earned. To earn it, you NEED to increase your authority, grow an engaged following, have a kick-ass blog.

So as a blogger you keep hearing the same questions time and time again:

  • “What is DA?!”
  • “What keyword should I use?”
  • “Why aren’t people finding my site?”

And I had the answers. When people ask me SEO questions my heart skips a beat. I get excited by content marketing – it’s a good job too as it’s my day job.

So instead of making my head pop with excitement, I decided to create a new site. A site and a brand aimed at business owners and bloggers to help answer these questions in an easy to understand way.

Why is it called Jelly Yo?

Yo, it’s called Jelly Yo as my name autocorrects to jelly. So much so that it’s become a running joke and has stuck as a nickname.

Yo is for search engine optimisation (affectionately called SEO), where Jelly Yo when said together rhymes with SEO.

So together, you get a mismash of me & SEO.

Extra brownie points if you sussed any of that out before reading this!

Okay, now that we’ve got to know each other, what do you want to do?

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